Power up this summer with our plank challenge!



Work on building strength with the full body engaging plank pose! We'll start with 1 minute plank holds in June, move to 2 minutes in July and conclude with a 3 minute plank in August. (Yes!! You CAN do this!!)

How we'll get there together?

Community practice will occur during the Tone Up/Tune In and Aerial classes. 

Practice at home or while traveling this summer. We'd love to see your progress, so please share photos and video with the hashtag #summerofplanks2019

If you aren't currently a member and want to participate, check out our Summer Membership for $299

June 1st - August 31st which includes: ⠀
✨ Unlimited Mat Yoga and Meditation Classes⠀
✨ 1 Aerial Class per Month⠀
✨ Ashtanga 7 Day Trial⠀
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Join Our Plank-a-Thon Last Week in August

Friends that plank together, grow strong together!

We'll wrap up the challenge with a plank-a-thon in each of the Tone Up/Tune In and Aerial classes the last week in August. A prize will be awarded to the person who can hold their plank the longest (up to 5 min) in the following category:

  • Full Plank (knees lifted, can be on elbows or hands)

  • Kneeling Plank

  • Aerial Plank (both legs in hammock)

During hold time, movement is allowed but front of hips must remain off the ground and integrity in shoulders/back maintained. (Check out proper plank form instructional videos below)

The Prizes

High Fives and Major respect! Planks are hard, people!

A stronger body, centered mind, greater connection to breath and internal power.

Winners of Plank-a-thon receive a special Plank Master t-shirt.




Email: info@greyowlmb.com

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