Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional practice based on ancient yoga teachings, and made popular through the teachings of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009).  Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging and rigorous style of yoga that follows specific sequences of postures aimed at methodically opening, strengthening, balancing and purifying the body and mind.  Postures are linked together through breath synchronized movement (vinyasa) which build and maintain heat (tapas) within the body while keeping the mind engaged and focused.  The main focus of the the Ashtanga practice is Tristhana which means the three places of attention or action: breathing system (pranayama), posture (asana), and looking place (dristhi). These three are very important for yoga practice, and cover the three levels of purification: the body, nervous system and the mind. 

Class variety changes from time to time so check back often

Please note: All classes will be taught in a heated room 85 - 90 degrees.

Ashtanga Schedule

MYSORE 5:15 AM - 8 AM

 AM - 8 AM


 AM - 8 AM

 AM - 8 AM



6 Week Ashtanga Beginner Series

Throughout the year we offer a 6 Week Ashtanga Beginner Series. During this course, you will meet for 6 consecutive Saturdays to learn and study the act and purpose of the Ashtanga yoga system. Each student participating in the course has access to all the Mysore practices during the week where you will have the opportunity to integrate what you learned on Saturday.


Mysore practice is a group independent practice under the supervision of a teacher who will guide your personal progression through the series. This course will prepare you and give you the tools you need to have lifetime Ashtanga practice.  

Check here to see when when our next beginner series is scheduled. Feel free to check out this FAQ as well on the beginner series.

Ashtanga Half Led Primary Series

This class will be led by Brice Elizabeth Watson, KPJAYI Authorized teacher. Participants will move through half the sequence of postures in the Ashtanga primary series (there are 6 series total) ending with Navasana. Led Ashtanga classes are taught in the traditional sanskrit count and include opening and closing chants.

Student is expected to have some knowledge of Primary Series before attending. If you currently are not finished with Primary Series before attending a led class, please stop at your last posture and wait for closing on your mat. For your safety please do not try new postures in led. It is advised that you wait for Mysore class to learn new postures.

If you are new to Ashtanga, please first come to a Mysore practice during the week and plan to arrive by 6 AM to allow ample time to work with the teacher or enroll in our 6 Week Beginner Course before attending a led class.

Mysore Style

Mysore is the style in which Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught and practiced. It is the only true all levels yoga class. This style of class is self-paced and each student is taught individually. 

The Mysore room is an open space for the student to come practice at any point during the allotted hours. During the student’s practice, he or she will be taught to follow direct sequencing from the Ashtanga Yoga series from beginner to advanced. The Ashtanga posture sequences will be taught to the student directly from the teacher one-on-one. As the student gains more independence in the practice, guidance and adjustments are given by the teacher when needed. This allows your practice to constantly refine and deepen.

Moon Days

2019 Moon Days


January Sun. 6 / Mon. 21

February  Tues. 5 / Tues. 19 

March  Wed. 6 / Thur. 21

April  Fri. 5 / Fri. 19

May. Sun. 5 / Sun. 19

June Mon. 3 / Mon. 17

July  Wed. 3 / Wed. 17 

August  Thur. 1 / Thur. 15 / Fri. 30

September  Sat. 14 / Sun. 29

October  Mon. 14 / Mon. 28

November  Tues. 12 / Tues. 26

December  Thur. 12 / Thur. 26 

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Can I buy a ticket to drop into a single session, or buy a day pass?

Nope! Here’s why: Each event + workshop builds on the information from the previous one. I’d be doing you a disservice by letting you “drop in” without the previous workshop’s knowledge—and it would create a disconnect in the group for multiple attendees to continue popping in and out (psst: we’re forming teams; y’all!)

Are there any deals or discounts I should know about?

Yep! As someone who has lived paycheck to paycheck for years at a time, it was important that I designed a life-changing event that still didn’t cost a penny more than absolutely necessary.
Here are three ways to get the biggest bang for your buck: The Early bird gets the worm (if the worm is a discount & secret surprise!) Here's the thing: these retreat tickets will sell out, and pricing will go up on August 17th. By paying in full, right now, you'll secure your spot at Take Back 2020, and the early bird price—and oh wait, what's this? A secret surprise gift in the mail, as a reward?! Get that surprise worm, early bird. Get it. Bring-A-Buddy, get a deal. Got a friend as hyped about taking back 2020 as you are? Perfect! The Bring-A-Buddy option secures TWO spots at $749 per person, saving you $100 each (for a total of $1,498)! Plus, you get a built-in accountabilibuddy through the retreat and beyond. The “Spread the Cost” Payment Plan.
Sometimes we’re just waiting for a paycheck to land in our accounts before we can invest in ourselves—thus, the payment plan. *cartwheels with relief* Secure your spot at this retreat (because it WILL sell out) with a deposit of half your ticket now ($449) and the other half in time for the retreat ($449 paid by August 24th). There’s just one caveat: this deposit is non-refundable. Cool? Cool. ____ Got more payment questions? Email me at !

I want to use my privilege to help sponsor someone who couldn’t otherwise attend this retreat. How can I help?

Oh hey hi hello, I love you. You and your gigantic heart have two options: 1) Buy a Pay It Forward ticket, for $1,299. This option rules because you secure your spot at our retreat (yay!), $200 of this ticket STILL goes directly to The Loveland Foundation (hell yes!), ANNNNND an additional $450 of that ticket will go directly to sponsoring someone’s scholarship seat. Oh, and you ~might maybe definitely~ get a secret present from me in the mail, as a thank you. If just TWO people opt to buy Pay It Forward tickets, I can offer one full scholarship to someone in need! Can’t attend the retreat, but still want to help sponsor someone’s seat? Amazing. (Did I mention I love you?) 2) Email me directly at [] to Sponsor-What-You-Can. Any funds contributed to our scholarship fund will go DIRECTLY to sponsoring people’s tickets. If we reach attendance capacity and there are scholarship funds leftover (this is unlikely) these funds will be DIRECTLY donated to the Loveland Foundation.

I enrolled in your “How to Stop Sabotaging Your Goals” free masterclass a while ago—are you covering the same material in one of our retreat workshops?

Our goal-related workshops are BRAND NEW—because there’s brand new science around setting goals and neural networks in the brain that I’m bursting at the seams to share!

I’ve got experience with positive psychology nerd (and/or read your book). Be honest: Is this material going to feel kind of...entry level to me?

Umm, first, THANK YOU for supporting my work and / or for pursuing such a cool branch of science! Second, Does any of the following sound overly familiar? [PS: NERD ALERT} Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, the interoceptive neural network, the body-balancing-budget; subliminal priming studies; Dr. Daniel Wegner, unconscious monitoring; visualization studies in athletes + college students; “action-repertoire chunking” in habit formation; the dorsal raphe nucleus & learned helplessness, etc etc.? If yes, then you could skip the retreat. (But also—don’t? Because it’s the application of this knowledge in real life that matters; not the theoretical stuff. Plus we’d love your giant brain and feedback in our group!)


Dates, Times , and Time Zone?

DATES: The 3-day weekend of Friday, Aug 28th through Sunday, Aug 30th, 2020. TIME ZONES: I’ll be hosting from Pacific Standard Time (PST), but all sessions will be recorded, in case you can’t make that time. SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Friday Aug 28th Session 1 | 11am PST / 2pm EST Session 2 | 3pm PST / 6pm EST Saturday Aug 29th Session 3 | 11am PST / 2pm EST Session 4 | 3pm PST / 6pm EST Sunday Aug 30th Session 5 | 11am PST / 2pm EST Session 6 | 3pm PST / 6pm EST For more details, jump to the full breakdown of our Itinerary, here.

Vibe? summer camp. Except virtual. And hosted by a positive psychology-certified coach who thinks in GIFs. OH, and with an epic, impact-driven fundraising goal. (We’re trying to raise $10K to give DIRECTLY to The Loveland Foundation, a non-profit that helps womxn of color—specifically, Black womxn & girls—get access to the mental healthcare & therapy they deserve, cost free)!

What if I can't make one (or any) of the live sessions? Will they be recorded?

Yep! All (6) sessions—including the retreat's exclusive workshops—will be recorded. You'll have password-only access to these replays—kinda like an online course at your fingertips— forever. And since we've all got different obligations, time zones, and lives to live, I've deliberately left "space" between each retreat day to allow plenty of time for you to watch the replays, complete your homework, and earn emoji trophies in our community group (which can win you huge prizes during our live sessions. Over $3700+ worth of prizes, to be more specific!). Joining us "live" will be the most fun and impactful way to experience Take Back 2020, but I've designed this virtual retreat with schedule flexibility and course longevity in mind!

Are you offering scholarships?

Yes! These scholarships will prioritize folks who self-identify as members of marginalized communities and/or who are dealing with financial hardship. Due to the intimate, very interactive nature of this retreat, scholarships seats are VERY limited (because tickets are, too). To apply for a scholarship seat, scroll all the way to the bottom of this webpage. To donate to our scholarship fund & help sponsor someone's seat, you can:
1) Buy a "Pay It Forward" Ticket ( jump to pricing here), or 2) If you can't attend our retreat but would still like to help us reach our scholarship + fundraising goal Email me directly at (


I kinda wanna brag to you about all the ridiculous-ness I'm packing into this three-day-weekend of a virtual retreat first, but... If you're someone who likes to jump directly to the price, I totally get it. If you can't stand the suspense, you can jump to pricing here. PSST: Pricing will go up August 17th, so don't sleep on this!

Mysore Practice

Our Ashtanga Program is a collaboration with Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta (AYA) and is led by Brice Elizabeth Watson, KPJAYI Authorized Teacher. To learn more about workshops and events at AYA, please visit their website.

About Brice Elizabeth Watson

Brice started practicing yoga in London, England, in 2001 at the age of 18. After feeling a need to dive deeper into the philosophical practice of yoga, Brice began a daily ashtanga practice in 2010. In 2013, Brice became a student of David Garrigues of Philadelphia, PA. David, being only one of 47 certified to teach by the late Pattabhi Jois, deepened Brice's understanding of the sacred yoga text, Sanskrit study, and pranayama and Vedic chanting.


In 2015, Brice made her first extended trip to Mysore, India, and became a student of Paramguru Sharath Jois (grandson of the late Pattabhi Jois) at KPJAYI. In 2017, Brice was blessed and granted authorization to teach the ashtanga method by her teacher, the Paramguru.


Brice is only one of three people honored to be authorized to teach in the state of Georgia. At present, she is also the only female authorized in the state of Georgia. Always a student, Brice continues to take annual trip to India to further her study at KPJAYI.

Brice's intention in her teaching is to bring the power of philosophy into the asana practice, a philosophy that has changed her life and is the foundation of yoga. She is honored to have the privilege to share what she's been given and strives to hold the highest integrity, discipline, and devotion in the yoga room.

Brice lives in Atlanta, GA, with her partner, KPJAYI authorized teacher, Todd Roderick, and their dog, Ravi, an Indian Pariah Dog rescued from the streets of India. Brice also teaches a daily mysore program dedicated to the teachings of KPJAYI with her partner (senior teacher and student of the late Pattabhi Jois) at his Shala, Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta in Inman Park. Brice also runs The Mysore Foundation, a non-profit, with KPJAYI authorized teacher Marque Garaux (Great Lakes Ashtanga). With The Mysore Foundation, they work tirelessly to provide for children living in poverty in India and continue to rescue street dogs (India Pariah Dogs).

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