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Beginner Friendly Classes
Explore - Yoga Foundations

New to yoga or wanting to deepen your yoga practice? This beginner friendly class moves through major components of a typical yoga flow class (breathing techniques, Sun Salutation flows and both passive and active yoga poses), allowing greater time for explanation, instructor assistance, and individual student self-exploration.

Stretch & Strengthen - Hatha Flow

This all level class incorporates breathing techniques and "asanas" or poses into a gentle moving sequence in which poses are held for several breaths to allow your body to get familiar with the posture and fully experience its benefits.

Sweet Surrender - Yin Yoga

Give yourself a deep tissue massage through this Yin style class. Yin yoga consists of holding specific poses for 3-5 minutes, completely surrendering any muscular effort which will release tension in the connective tissue of the body around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine).

TLC - Restorative Yoga

Honor your nervous system and body with some tender loving care in this ultra relaxing class. You'll spend much of the time on the floor using props (foam blocks, bolsters, blankets) to fully support your body as it rests for 5 minutes or more in each pose.

Qigong for Health

Learn techniques to help manage stress, feel more energized and full of vitality. Qigong is a way of using gentle movement, healing posture, meditation, breathing and focused intent to cleanse, harmonize and circulate the life-force - also known as ‘qi’ (or chi).  This ancient Chinese mind-body practice has evolved over thousands of years and today, modern science is proving the astounding benefits it brings to health and well-being. Suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness, easy to learn and easy to do.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Yearning to feel more grounded and relaxed? This therapeutic class involves a facilitated group discussion of mindfulness topics, meditation and self-reflection. Throughout the hour, you will engage in several 5-10 minute meditation sessions. You'll learn how to employ different meditation techniques and styles which can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Prior yoga experience recommended
Power Flow

Our Power Flow is a vigorous, athletic style of yoga, meant to engage your breathing, stability, core and body strength. This class is a full body and mind workout! The room is warmed to 85-90 degrees. We recommend you bring a water bottle and small towel or mat towel.

Aerial Yoga

This playful yoga class makes use of a fabric hammock to enhance your practice by providing gentle support or increasing the intensity of traditional poses. Each class will allow you an opportunity to invert in the hammock and experience the benefits of hanging upside down and reversing blood flow in the body.

Sweat & Reset - Vinyasa Flow

Turn up the heat within. Vinyasa is a sanskrit term that means "to place in a special way" and represents a flowing sequence of specific poses which are linked to breath. This one movement, one breath cadence makes for a fast, powerful class which should leave you sweating, energized and feeling totally elated.



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