Frequently asked questions

What types or styles of classes do you offer?

We offer a full spectrum of movement classes to support a variety of needs from beginner to advanced and slow paced to more vigorous activity. Starting with our Mat Yoga offerings, we have gentle, restorative and yin styles which are lower to the ground and slow which focus more on stretching the body and focusing the mind. For more strength building, energizing and heat building, check out our All Levels Yoga Flow classes which are Hatha/Vinyasa style movement classes. Moving on to Aerial Yoga this unique offering using a fabric hammock allows the practitioner to stretch, strengthen, relax and invert the body in new ways. The hammock is lowered to hip level so upper body strength is not a prerequisite but is certainly something you can build with a regular practice. Most people love hanging upside down the most but this is optional and anything we do in the hammock can be modified on the mat. If mental toning is what you are looking for we have a number of Meditation classes both moving and seated for you to explore. Our Moving Meditation - Qigong class is an ancient Chinese form of movement which harmonizing the energy and organ function in the body, while also moving and lubricating joints through slow, mindful movements. Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise the body and mind while having tons of fun and building relationships. You’ll find several barefoot dance options offered at our studio either as classes or workshops. Grab a friend or come solo and move your body to the music!
We are always working on new and innovative ways to keep our community committed to their health and wellness which includes developing new class formats and incorporating new tools and props. Check our schedule and website periodically or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on what we have to offer.

Where can I see all the current classes available on the schedule and/or how often can I come in to take a class?

All of our classes are listed on the Schedule page of our website and on our FREE Grey Owl app available for download on the Apple and Google app stores.

What times are your classes?

We offer plenty of classes to work around your schedule whether you’re an early bird, love a midday sweat session, or want to swing by after work. And we’ve also got plenty of options for our weekend warriors! You can find all our class times as well as instructors here.

What if I go out of town or have to move? Can I pause or stop my membership?

Yes, with all of our memberships, if you move more than 10 miles from the studio, simply bring in proof of your new address and you may exit your membership with a $75 termination fee. If you need to freeze your membership, annual members may freeze for a total of 4 weeks, 6 month members may freeze for 2 weeks. Any additional holds are $20/month, maximum 2. Please provide 5 days notice.

What are other options in addition to membership?

In addition to our membership options, we do also offer class passes and private lessons that can be booked individually without a membership. We work with each individual to determine what makes the most sense for your goals, schedule and needs, so give us a ring, drop us an email or stop by the studio to discuss further with our friendly team.

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) to pay for yoga and meditation?

Please contact your insurance company to determine requirements for reimbursement of expenses related to yoga and meditation classes. In many cases a Letter of Medical Neccesity from your doctor is required by your insurance company. We do accept FSA and HSA credit cards as a form of payment.

Have more questions we didn’t cover here? Call, email or visit us in the studio.



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