Yoga is an ancient and powerful tool for transformation of the body, mind and emotions. We offer a variety of class levels and yoga styles in a non judgement and compassionate space for every body to enjoy.

Class variety changes from time to time so check back often

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Candlelight TLC: Restorative Yoga

Honor your nervous system and body with some Tender Loving Care in this ultra relaxing class. You'll spend much of the time on the floor using props (foam blocks, bolsters, blankets) to fully support your body as it rests for 5 minutes or more in each nurturing pose/stretch.


This 75 minute class is especially helpful for countering stress, centering, gentling stretching and rebalancing the body and mind. 

Candlelight Bliss: Yin/Restorative

Come bliss out in this class experience that combines two therapeutic yoga styles into a single class with the soothing flicker of a candlelit room. Yin yoga holds a pose for 3-5 minutes providing the opportunity to release and stretch deep while Restorative poses provide restful recovery to your physical, energetic and mental state.


Make this evening a date night, girl's night or "you night" at the Grey Owl. 

Deep Stretch: Yin Yoga

Give yourself a deep tissue massage through this Yin style class. Yin yoga consists of holding specific poses for 3-5 minutes, completely surrendering any muscular effort which will release tension in the connective tissue of the body around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine).

Gentle Yoga

Experience a more grounded and slower paced yoga practice appropriate for those returning to physical movement after time away or simply needing to treat the body to a gentler flow. 

All Levels Yoga Flow

This all level class incorporates breathing techniques and "asanas" or poses into a gentle moving sequence in which poses are held for several breaths to allow your body to get familiar with the posture and fully experience its benefits. Leave feeling stretched, strengthened, and relaxed.

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Turn up the heat within. Vinyasa is a sanskrit term that means "to place in a special way" and represents a flowing sequence of specific poses which are linked to breath. This one movement, one breath cadence makes for a fast, powerful practice which will leave you sweating, energized and feeling totally elated. 


Please note the room will be warmed (85 - 90 degrees) in order to support detoxing through sweating, increasing the heart rate for more aerobic output and warming up the muscles helping with flexibility.


Be sure to hydrate before and after class. As always, listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Perfect Balance: Yoga Flow and Restorative - All Levels

This 75 minute class combines an all levels yoga flow class and restorative yoga class into one, perfectly balanced for your body, mind and energy needs. Move, stretch, strengthen then relax and restore, leave feeling ready for whatever your day has in store.

Tone Up/Tune In

In this class we combine toning, strength training, deep stretch, breathing exercises and meditation to build strength, stability, flexibility and connection between body and mind. Toning of the body will be achieved through deliberate slow movements, long holds and repetition of yoga postures and fitness/pilates moves. We end with yin style stretching, engagement of the diaphragm through breathing exercises and meditation.

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Family Yoga

Family Yoga is fun for the whole family! Enjoy music, themes, movements and games all designed to promote creative expression and connection with the family unit. (ages 4+) 

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is great for younger kids as well as your pre-teen! They will practice at their own pace as they learn to honor themselves and others in non-competitive ways while learning the true healing benefits of yoga. (ages 4-11)

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