It is about the journey, not the destination. Meditation takes practice and in the process, rewards you with greater resilience, clarity and peace.

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Moving Meditation - Tai Chi Qigong for Health

Learn techniques to help manage stress, feel more energized and full of vitality. Qigong is a way of using gentle movement, healing posture, meditation, breathing and focused intent to cleanse, harmonize and circulate the life-force - also known as ‘qi’ (or chi).  This ancient Chinese mind-body practice has evolved over thousands of years and today, modern science is proving the astounding benefits it brings to health and well-being. Suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness, easy to learn and easy to do.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Yearning to feel more grounded and relaxed? This therapeutic class involves a facilitated group discussion of mindfulness topics, meditation and self-reflection. Throughout the hour, you will engage in several 5-10 minute meditation sessions. You'll learn how to employ different meditation techniques and styles which can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Open Independent Meditation for current Grey Owl Studio Students and Meditation Program Participants

Looking for a quiet place to practice your meditation? Come have a seat on one of our Zen Meditation Room cushions, employ your own meditation technique and go at your own pace.

If you would like to listen to music or meditation instruction, please bring headphones.

This complimentary open studio time is available for current Grey Owl Studio students (active members, unlimited month students and class pack holders) and those participating in a Grey Owl meditation program.

Space is limited, please reserve your meditation cushion in advance.

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