We are honored to have you practice at Grey Owl!  If you are new to yoga, we invite you to try any of our Beginner Friendly/All Levels class below. We also offer a Yoga Immersion Programs where you'll gain a deeper understanding of specific postures and also have the opportunity to ask questions in order to receive more personalized guidance from an instructor. Contact the studio at info@greyowlmb.com if interested in learning more about our our Yoga Immersion.


Beginner Friendly/All Level Classes:

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Deep Stretch: Yin Yoga

  • Candlelight Bliss: Yin/Restorative​

  • All Levels Yoga Flow

  • Tone up/Tune In

Please let the instructor know if you are new so we can welcome you and provide any additional guidance during the class.

Save time and register online prior to your first class.

Try one of our beginner classes. We will guide you through it!


Check out this great article from yoga journal to answer other common questions for first time yogis: https://www.yogajournal.com/meditation/yoga-questions-answered 

Do I need to bring anything to class?

We provide all the props you need including a yoga mat but feel free to bring your own. Please do bring a water bottle with you and plan to arrive 15 min prior to the start of class so we can provide a tour and get you settled in.

What if I am not that flexible?

Yoga provides a great opportunity to increase your flexibility. Listen to your body as the class progresses and never remain in a pose if it feels uncomfortable.

How many days a week should I practice yoga

There is no limit to the number of days you could practice yoga, honor your body and do what feels right. The more regular your practice, the more quickly you'll begin to experience changes in your body and mind. ​​

My yoga instructor says "Namaste" at the end of class. What does that mean?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word, it is a greeting in India used when people meet. It is a gesture of love and respect. Translation: ‘Nama’ means bow, ‘as’ means I, and ‘te’ means you. Namaste literally translates as “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” The hand gesture or mudra, that normally accompanies verbalizing Namaste at the start or end of class is done by placing the palms together and pressing the thumbs into the center of the chest (heart chakra) or in the center or the forehead (third eye chakra). This symbolizes connection of the body, mind and each other.

I have never practiced yoga before, where should I start?

Most of our classes are all levels and beginner friendly, however, someone brand new to yoga should start with our Explore - Yoga Foundations class or slower moving classes such as: TLC - Restorative Sweet Surrender - Yin Gentle Yoga Candlelight Yin/Restorative Moving Meditation - Tai Chi Qigong You may also consider exploring private or semi-private sessions with our yoga, medtiation and qigong instructors.



Email: info@greyowlmb.com

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