QIGONG FOR THE SEASONS: Fall - Metal Element -

Observe the seasons throughout the year and you will notice the ease with which nature adapts to the phases of change. There is a natural, non-resistant rhythm to this cycle. The same rhythmical patterns manifest within us and these very changes in nature have a profound effect on our mind, body and spirit. That is according to the Eastern theory of the Five Elements - fundamental principles that show the inter-relationship and inter-dependency of not only the organs of our body, but also our connection to nature.

The months of October and November are represented by the METAL ELEMENT. Just as the trees let go of their leaves and nature gives up her bounty for the harvest, so must we let go of that which no longer serves. This is a time for withdrawing, consolidating and releasing. This season often brings with it particular stress to the lungs and large intestine, especially the former as they begin to be more challenged by viruses, bacteria and the general effect of the cooler air we breathe.

The strong ‘metal’ emotions are anxiety, sadness and sorrow that can be balanced by having focused intention on courage and integrity. Certain foods such as garlic, ginger, pungent flavors, lentils etc are good choices to balance the element and specific qigong exercises, especially breathing meditation, will support the energy in these parts of the body. We will be exploring and supporting our body’s ability to adapt to the change in seasons through our Lung Element focused qigong practice at the studio in October and November. Join us!

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