Learn why Kathy Agee is head over heals with aerial yoga

We love our community and are excited to feature our very own aerial yoga enthusiast and source of positive energy, Kathy Agee, in our first Grey Owl community member spotlight. We asked Kathy a few questions about her experience with aerial yoga at the studio. Here's what she had to say....

How long have you been taking classes at the studio? How often do you practice?

4 months in December! I "luckily" stumbled upon Grey Owl by randomly looking for aerial yoga classes being offered near me. 1 class and I was instantly hooked! I try to go 3 times a week but would go more if I could - that pesky thing called work limits my time.

What is your favorite aerial yoga pose and why?

Every single inversion pose because it feels so dang good! Cobbler, Dancer, Flying Locust, Bat, ... etc. "I can't remember all the names" - I love being upside down - it feels so good to decompress my spine, the rush of blood to the head, and using muscles that I normally do not use. Also - It is so fun and challenging to use the hammock for basic yoga poses! It is difficult to explain - YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!

Where are you seeing the biggest change physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically?

All around better " physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically" - each and every class feels new and challenging and I am always excited and happy to be there. The studio is so warm and inviting and I always feel welcome. It truly is a "community" and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Ariella & Lester (and Luna) are simply THE BEST!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with aerial yoga?

Not to be cliche .. but "just do it" (please try it just once) - there is absolutely no pressure - if you are not comfortable with trying something in the class you don't have to and there is absolutely no judgment. IT IS SO FUN!!!! I love it - I hope you love it too :)

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