Community Member Spotlight: Janet Mao

This newsletter issue's customer spotlight is a "yogini dedication shout out" to Janet Mao, who visited the studio nearly 20 consecutive days during the holiday season. We wanted to hear more about her yoga practice streak experience during her holiday break from university...

Tell us a little bit about you (age, where you go to school, where you are from):

I’m 21 years old. I’m a junior at Northwestern University. I’m from Johns Creek.

What was your experience with yoga before visiting the studio in December?

I had not done yoga consistently before, but had done hot yoga at Corepower a few times and a few group classes at school.

What motivated you to practice yoga 20 times during the holiday season and how did you stay committed?

I’m on the golf team at Northwestern, and our trainer recommended yoga classes as a workout option. I enjoyed doing yoga during my past experiences, so I thought it would be a fun way to consistently stay active throughout winter break. Also, since Grey Owl Studio offers different classes (truthfully, I didn’t know that there were so many different types of yoga practices), it was really fun to try new ones and to take a different class from day to day.

Did you see any impact on your golf game or other parts of your life as a result?

I worked out pretty consistently outside of the yoga classes I took, so I can’t exactly say that yoga was the sole reason I felt myself getting stronger over break. I definitely think yoga contributed to some improvement in my flexibility and stability. I noticed a change from the very first yoga class I took to the last one in my ability to hold poses longer and maintain my balance. Outside of class, I felt like it was a great way to start or end my day because I would always leave class feeling good, both physically and emotionally.

What was your favorite class at the studio or part of class and why?

I thought all the classes I took were great, and I enjoyed all of them. I tried aerial yoga, which was something on my exercise bucket list, for the first time with a friend, which was really fun and memorable. I think my favorite classes were the yin ones. Since we held poses for a longer period of time, the classes were still challenging, but somewhat relaxing at the same time.

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