Subtle Energy

Everything in the world is made of energy. This includes the sun, stars, a tree, your body, your thoughts and the pasta dinner you had last night. Some energy we can see and measure without much effort. This is called veritable energy and includes electricity, magnetism, thermal and chemical energy, to name a few. But there is another form of energy that we generally have a harder time detecting and measuring and that’s the subtle energy, scientifically called putative energy. These energies are either too high or too low in frequency to be measured easily, but we can tell that they exist because they produce an effect.

There are three basic structures in energy anatomy that an energy practitioner will use to create balance and increased health and wellbeing. These are energy fields, channels and bodies. These structures, on the subtle level, operate differently than do veritable energies. They are rule breakers and can stretch time and space, change form and occupy many places at one time.

Subtle energy fields are bands of energy that emanate from every living thing and the Earth itself. Barbara Brennan, an expert on the human energy field, states that the subtle energy structure sets up a matrix for cellular growth; it is therefore present before cellular growth and serves as a templet for the forming body. The subtle fields within and surrounding our bodies interact with every other field, including other people, the natural physical fields of earth and ski and the artificially produced fields such as power lines and cell phones. The most common human subtle energy field is the aura.

Subtle energy channels are rivers of light that flow through the body delivering life sustaining energy. These channels, which have been known to the Ancients for thousands of years, are now being explored and mapped by modern science using thermal, electromagnetic and radioactive testing methods.

Subtle energy bodies are organs that convert fast moving energy into slow moving energy and vice versa within our physical bodies. The best known of these are the Chakras. These are connected by energy channels and interact with energy fields.

Bio-energetic workers such as Reiki practitioners utilize these structures to diagnose and treat irregularities that will result in physical and or psychological dis-ease. Because your energy field is the templet upon which your physical body is formed keeping this structure functioning properly is a first line of defense in preventative care. Once you experience a problem the block or stagnation has lodged in a subtle body or channel and may take more work to remedy.

Stayed tuned for more detailed articles describing these structures!



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