Mindful Eating

During my yoga teacher training I was introduced to the concept of mindful eating and ever since have been applying greater awareness to not only WHAT I eat but HOW I eat.

My husband and I would regularly engage in a "yoga meal" together, which engaged him in a little piece of my teacher training experience and reminded us to enjoy being in the moment, together, nurturing our bodies with healthy food.

The elements of a yoga meal and general mindful eating are the following:

1) Sit down and stay seated

2) No talking while chewing (fine to converse while eating but don't talk with food in your mouth)

3) While eating, avoid external distractions such as surfing the internet, engaging in social media, reading, listening to music, etc.

4) Chew mindfully by waiting until food is completely chewed and swallowed before taking another bite

5) Portion control. Refrain from putting more than 2 handfuls of food on your plate at any one time. Eat your initial portion and wait 3-5 minutes before filling your plate with more food.

6) When chewing, really experience the sensations being activated and tune in. How do things taste, smell and feel?

7) Practice gratitude for the food, both honoring where it came from and the energy used to generate it.

In lieu of a recipe this month and in honor of Mindful March, we encourage you to experience having a yoga meal by yourself or with others. The meal doesn't need to be significant, it may be simply a snack but use it as an opportunity to exercise awareness and mindfulness, disconnecting from technology for just a moment and doing just one thing at t time.

Healthy and positive wishes!


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