Our Constant Quest for Balance

"Going with the Flow"


"Maintaining Balance"

have been our mantras and focus this past year as Lester and I juggled full time jobs while launching the studio. Things had to shift in our normal routine in order to make time for new demands and, as with other times in my type A personality / workaholic life, my health and self-care took a back seat. I kept telling myself it was just a short term sacrifice and that I would get back to my self-care needs soon, but this again was an old behavior for me and one that I desperately wanted to stop.

In June, I made the decision to leave my corporate job in order to focus on the studio full time and also made the commitment to reprioritize my health in order to balance owning a business with living a vibrant and healthy life.

What this looks like for me is:

  • Protecting my precious sleep time. Now at age 40, I realize I can't function properly without at least 7 hours of good quality sleep (I would love 9+ though :))

  • Working out ways to get in a daily form of exercise and meditation that my body, mind and emotions depend on for optimum performance throughout my day.

  • Planning my food consumption ahead of time so that I #1 EAT (yes, another old workaholic habit) and #2 nurture myself with foods that support my body's unique needs.

I am sharing this experience because it is one that I have struggled with for much of my life and is one that is familiar to many people in our Western culture. This constant state of fight or flight, pack your day with to dos, running from here to there, inability to say no, "put everything before me because I have to take care of others first" syndrome. It is also a difficult reality to break free from and sometimes a little external motivation helps.

To support those that need an extra push to get out of a life induced, seasonal, or otherwise "Health Rut", we'll be running 3-4 wellness related challenges throughout the year and also increasing our focus on nutrition and wellness coaching at the studio.

For those that are steady in their health commitment, we invite you to encourage and cheer on others as well as share what works for you, because we all have something to learn from one another.

This month we are kicking off a Fall Practice Challenge (details here) and a Nutrition Education Week (details here). We hope you find these programs useful and take advantage of the resources. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts, so definitely let us know.

May you find balance, health and happiness!


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