Going Vegan or Vegetarian? Check out these Grey Owl Team dining suggestions

Starting a Vegetarian or Vegan diet can feel overwhelming but now more than ever, there are a growing number of Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants and menu considerations to support maintaining social activities, like dinner out with friends, while observing dietary needs.

Our Grey Owl Team has compiled a list of our favorite options around town:

Avocados Vegan Cafe (http://www.avocadovegancafe.com/) VeGreen (https://www.vegreen.com/) R. Thomas Deluxe Grill (https://www.rthomasdeluxegrill.net/) Herban Fix (http://herbanfix.com/) Cafe Sunflower (https://www.cafesunflower.com/)

Loving Hut Sandy Springs (https://lovinghut.us/)

Soul Vegetarian (https://www.soulvegetarian2.com/) Cinnaholic (https://www.cinnaholic.com/)

Our favorite juice places in the area: 3:8 Juice and Eatery (https://38juice.com/) Flavor Juicery (https://flavorjuicery.com/)

Restaurants with good vegan options: Jinya Raman Bar (https://jinya-ramenbar.com/) Peace Love Pizza (https://www.peaceloveandpizza.com/)

Food Truck:

Sunshine Alchemy (https://www.sunshinealchemy.com/)

What are your faves?

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