Winter Qigong: For the Season and for a Reason

Qigong is an ancient Chinese mind-body discipline for nourishing life. We are proud to offer this highly beneficial and accessible movement practice at Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio and are excited to announce the launch of a seasonal series that optimizes and harmonizes your mind/body/emotions in alignment with the time of year.

What is Qigong (pronounced "chi-gong") and what does it do?

In our Moving Meditation Qigong class you will practice unifying the body, mind and breath for health, and you will learn much more…:

DISCOVER YOUR ‘QI’ - that essential and vital energy that keeps us going;

GATHER MORE ‘QI’ - understand how you can enhance and build energy for your well-being;

CIRCULATE ‘QI’ - know how to get your qi flowing around the body.

Qigong classes entail movements, postures, meditations, energy and breath work,

Qigong Winter Series to focus on: Physical - nurturing and strengthening all your positive qualities and intentions (resolutions) and paying special attention to the energies that will get you ready to SPRING into action in a couple of month’s time;

Emotional - making fear disappear and finding your strong will (power);

Spiritual - practice mindfulness in movement, dissolve distractions, enter tranquility. You are a part of nature, not apart from it. The energy in nature influences the energy in you.

With that, Qigong: For the Season and for a Reason will take a much more focused approach to your well-being in accordance with the time of year. Not everyone can slow down at this time of year (work, job, family commitments etc), but we can all invest in our health and we can all practice healthy habits. Nurturing the right organs and emotions for this time of year will definitely bode well for now and the months ahead, and that’s what this series will focus on.

Gillian Carmody is a well trained and certified qigong instructor with more than 18 years experience in the art. She is also a skilled t’ai chi practitioner and likes to combine the tools and techniques from both disciplines to tailor programmes for specific needs. She is especially well-versed in Qigong for Health, Qigong for Sports (especially golf) and Qigong for Business (stress-management in the workplace). Her lifetime learning continues with T’ai Chi Ch’uan Atlanta, and with world-renowned Qigong Master, Ken Cohen.​

Learn more about Gill at

Tai Chi/Qi Gong Instructor

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