Reconnecting with Mindful Eating

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Lester and I recently watched a documentary on the prevalence and impact of sugar on our American diet. It was eye opening and caused us to truly reflect on how much of the foods we eat regularly, contain sugar. It also was the catalyst we needed to break some routines derailing our health and wellness goals in recent months.

Since watching that documentary, we've made the following adjustments when it comes to eating throughout the day:

  • making a conscious effort to minimize the amount of processed foods we consume, opting instead for whole, fresh foods as frequently as possible

  • being more present when we're eating rather than rushing through meals

  • noticing how frequently the taste profile in our mouth is sweet vs. salty, sour, bitter, essentially, how often are we giving into our "sugar addiction"

  • observing the stories, reasons and emotions involved with our food choices

  • trying to avoid the "late night, munching mindlessly in front of the TV" routine

None of the changes above have to do with a specific diet or restrictions on what to eat and instead are geared around being more mindful about what we are eating, how we are eating, when and why (what is triggering us to eat).

Our goal is to make this our new normal as it has been in the past but it is a reminder that life's twists and turns will bring disruption to healthy habits. What is important in those instances is realizing something has shifted and with self-compassion, making your way back to a better place.

As we begin to prepare for a seasonal change from Summer to Fall, it's a good time to take stock and ask yourself...

How are you feeling about your relationship with food right now?

How many times during the day are you reaching for something sweet and what is really triggering that craving?

What small tweaks can you make in order to set yourself up for healthier, less processed meals?

.....just some food for thought 😉.

Author: Ariella Dominguez

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