Simple Yogurt (Probiotic) Toast

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

There can be many substitutions to make this what you like. I use a slice of sourdough bread, any gluten-free could work also. Toast bread, spread a plain yogurt, I like Greek, sprinkle bee pollen over the yogurt. Crumble walnuts, I have also used pecans, spread on the toast. Drizzle local honey and EVO. Extra virgin olive oil. Then add a good salt. Eat and enjoy.

So many benefits from this combo. Don’t be afraid to make this your own, add fresh fruit, use different nuts, and what about a toasted bagel👍 yum. This is a "stick with you" breakfast that keeps me full up to lunch. Enjoy.

Kevin Osburn, Aerial and Mat Yoga Teacher

Kevin holds a Yoga Alliance 500hr RYT certification from Peachtree Yoga with Aerial Yoga certification in 2016. He first discovered yoga as a means of personally staying healthy and fit. His decision to participate in teacher training was driven by a desire to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and how to apply it to life goals.

While his original intention was not to teach, he was moved by the healing power potential of yoga particularly on spine and lower back problems as we age or from injuries. Kevin made the decision to start teaching yoga in 2015 as a means of helping people to heal/prevent injuries and build strength. He also draws upon his 5 years as a Pilates practitioner to help students develop their core muscles that help support the spine and back.

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