Teacher Tuesday: Meet Ariella Dominguez!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Meet Ariella Dominguez!

Ariella wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of yoga, meditation, holistic medicine, healthy eating and having a positive outlook on life. Her curiosity in alternative healing therapies began as a teenager and led her to start a formal study of yoga in 1997 with Hatha and Kundalini leisure courses in college. After graduating with her business degree and entering the corporate world, she continued to feel a pull toward yoga and the wellness industry. In 2011, she took the step to deepen her yoga practice by completing a 200 hour yoga certification which had a profound impact on the way she interacted with the world and further fed her desire to lead a more purposeful life in service of others.

In 2017, with the support and encouragement of her husband and family, she decided to open Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio as a space for practice, education, healing and community. Ariella now splits her time between being a business owner, enjoying time with family and friends, teaching and continues to be a lifelong student of yoga, meditation and natural healing modalities.

Ariella is a certified yoga and aerial yoga teacher and is currently working on her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training advanced studies at Asheville Yoga Center.

We asked each of our teachers a few questions to get to know them better...

What/who inspires you?

Passion, love, authenticity and kindness inspire me. When I see these qualities in our Grey Owl teachers and clients, it fuels and encourages me to continue on my path.

What book has influenced your life the most?

Siddhartha from Herman Hesse

Favorite and least favorite posture, and why?

Lately, I’ve been craving more Yin/Restorative practices and my current favorite pose is Deer for the yummy hip stretch and simultaneous internal and external leg rotation. In aerial, one of my favorite poses is Aerial Down Dog since it offers so many options to move and stretch the back, side and front body. My least favorite mat pose would probably be camel (Ustrasana) since I still get dizzy/nauseous sensations when I practice it. We dislike what we need most, though ;)

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

So hard to pick just one place, but the Galapagos Islands have always been on my bucket list of places to explore. I love seeing animals in their natural habitat and experiencing nature with minimal human influence.

What superpower do you wish you possessed?


What times/days do you teach at Grey Owl? / What are your offerings at Grey Owl?

I currently teach Aerial Sculpt on Saturday @ 12 PM (will be @ 2 PM for Oct and part of Nov) and Aerial Yoga on Sunday @ 11:30 AM

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