Summer Surrendered to the Sword

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I was with a friend the other day and she casually pointed out that she didn’t like buying drinks in glass bottles because there was no glass recycling pick-up in her neighborhood. I admired her planet-protecting actions. It was the very word ‘recycling’ though that struck a chord with me. Let’s think about it...

The act (and art) of recycling in both nature and ourselves never ceases. We are ‘cyclical’ beings. Nature’s seasons come and go but they always return anew. Our energy (qi) does a constant dance of yin and yang, expressing the feelings of rising, expanding, descending and contracting - always moving and always returning anew.

Right now we are at the point where the rising energy of summer is starting to make its downward turn. We are moving into a phase of being less expansive with our energy to being more conservative - storing and saving for the winter ahead. This is what we call the METAL PHASE.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself contemplating the present and the future. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to let things go. In fact, encourage this because it is part of the recycling process for this time of year. The trees are shedding their leaves - allowing them to descend, decay and transform and we can do the same by letting go of that which does not serve right now: feelings, emotions or just plain stuff. Barriers, boundaries, baggage and even the blues have a tendency to resurface for us during this phase. It is all part of the cycle and your awareness will help you deal with them. Think about it.

And while you are at it, think about the very element of metal. Think about the structure of metal e.g., Eiffel Tower? What else can you do with metal? What would you make?

How about making a sword so you could cut through all the BS, cut ties etc. This is an invitation to explore. (Actually, I would love to hear what you would make with metal, and why?)

Finally, the metal phase in the physical body primarily relates to the Lung Network - also considered to be the body’s defense system. A great time to do some focused breathing exercises. Take in the air that will bring vitality, aliveness and health. Let your lungs fill to capacity. Notice how deep your breath is - how IN-spired do you want to be? When you exhale, relax the lungs, let go, trust... and release the toxins and waste so that you can also have a great recycling center within.

Author: Gillian Carmody

Gillian Carmody is a well trained and certified qigong instructor with more than 18 years experience in the art. She is also a skilled t’ai chi practitioner and likes to combine the tools and techniques from both disciplines to tailor programmes for specific needs. She is especially well-versed in Qigong for Health, Qigong for Sports (especially golf) and Qigong for Business (stress-management in the workplace). Her lifetime learning continues with T’ai Chi Ch’uan Atlanta, and with world-renowned Qigong Master, Ken Cohen.

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