Ah, Is this not happiness?

Author: Gill Carmody

I received a message from my teacher today, it read:

“Please encourage each other with positive words and actions; you can be realistic about the world situation without giving in to despair.”

The message touched my heart, especially in what is perceived by many to be ‘dark times’.

And so I thought, what can we do to bring light and light-heartedness to our November days?

Turns out, this same teacher once told the story of a 17th century Chinese playwright who, finding himself stranded in a temple with a friend, decided to reflect upon and count the truly happy moments of human life. Chin Shengt’an, the playwright, wrote down 33 statements and ended each one with, “Ah, is this not happiness?”

We can do the same. Let’s flood this November with our reflections and end each statement with, “Ah, is this not happiness?”

Here is one happiness reflection to kick off this exercise…

We sit round a table, sharing food and friendship. The sound of laughter, the feeling of warmth and community, sheltering our souls in a place of love.
Ah, is this not happiness?

We’d love to hear your happiness reflections if you care to share them on FB or IG by tagging the studio and using the hashtag #isthisnothappiness or if you are limiting your time on social media, send us an email @ info@greyowlmb.com.


Gill Carmody, Qigong Instructor

Gillian Carmody is a well trained and certified qigong instructor with more than 18 years experience in the art. She is also a skilled t’ai chi practitioner and likes to combine the tools and techniques from both disciplines to tailor programmes for specific needs. She is especially well-versed in Qigong for Health, Qigong for Sports (especially golf) and Qigong for Business (stress-management in the workplace). Her lifetime learning continues with T’ai Chi Ch’uan Atlanta, and with world-renowned Qigong Master, Ken Cohen.

Learn more about Gill @ https://www.achieveapq.com/

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