Teacher Tuesday: Meet Amy!

Happy Teacher Tuesday! Meet Amy Harper, one of our beloved yoga teachers!

Amy Harper is a certified yoga teacher through FRA (Fitness Resource Associates, Inc.) and certified children's yoga teacher through Finding Inner Peace under Maureen Spencer. She has practiced various styles of yoga for 15 years including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga. She has 26 years of dance experience in Ballet and Jazz and has taught dance classes for children and adults.

In addition, Amy has appeared in Sadie Nardini's "Rock Your Yoga" televised series and Jai Sugrim's "Yoga Sutra Now".

We asked each of our teachers a few questions to get to know them better...

What/who inspires you?

My kids inspire me. I love seeing everyday things as well as big adventures through their eyes. They each have such an amazing unique perspective on everything.

What book has influenced your life the most?

My grandmother and I used to read books together and then talk about them (our own private book club). It was never about the book, I loved our time together and sharing our thoughts on the same book. I'm trying to carry this tradition on with my own kiddos. It's not the book we read, but getting to hear their points of view.

Favorite and least favorite posture, and why?

Pigeon is my favorite pose. I love the openness in my hips. I don't have a least favorite posture.

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

I would love to go on an African safari and visit Kyoto Japan

What superpower do you wish you possessed?

To slow down time.

What times/days do you teach at Grey Owl? / What are your offerings at Grey Owl?

I get to teach Friday mornings from 9-10. I also teach kiddo classes, Girl Scout troops and private classes.

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