Grey Owl Tween Camp

Pre-teens are dealing with unique challenges in our current digital age: excessive screen time, information overload, cyberbullying and texting vs talking, just to name a few. During this week program, tweens will disconnect from technology and reconnect with themselves and each other through yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities.

At the end of the week each child will gain:

  • A renewed sense of gratitude, empathy and resilience

  • A foundational understanding of yoga, breathwork and meditation

  • Tools to deal with feelings such as anxiety, stress, anger and fear

  • Methods for checking in with themselves & operating in a more mindful way

  • Positive experiences engaging and supporting their peers



Participants will begin each session with a few moments to quietly reflect and capture thoughts in their gratitude journal. This will be followed by a segment which introduces the practice of yoga through fun and engaging ways. Tweens will learn about the benefits of yoga and experience a number of styles including aerial yoga.

Participants will assist in making a healthy snack each day and serve as an opportunity to practice mindful eating techniques as well as learn about nutrition principles.

The second half of the afternoon will be dedicated to topics and practice related to mindfulness, breathwork, relaxation and meditation techniques. Tweens will learn different method for calming the mind, balancing energy and managing emotions.

Timing: July 15th - 19th, 1 PM - 5 PM

Ages: 9 - 12

Investment: $250 per participant for week, Save $10 before May 1st.

Includes crafts, gratitude journal and daily healthy snack, water and beverages

Requires minimum of 6 participants.

Delivered By: Amy Harper - Children's Yoga Instructor, Dena Totaro - Transformational Healing Coach & Yoga Instructor,  Ariella Dominguez - Program Coordinator and Aerial Yoga Instructor

Summer Family Fridays @ The Owl

Age group: 4+


June 7th @ 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM, Family Yoga

July 12th @ 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM, Family Yoga

July 26th @ 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM, Family Meditation


Helps kids and parents understand how to use yoga postures and breath as a tool for centering, grounding and calming the mind and emotions.


Family Yoga will incorporate a variety of music, themes, movement, games, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, individual yoga poses, and opportunities for creative expression. Families practice at their own pace as they learn to honor themselves and others in non-competitive ways.

Family Meditation will introduce concepts of mindfulness and meditation through fun, creative exercises and a mindful craft to take home.

No experience necessary.

Investment:  $12 per participant, Grey Owl Members receive 30% discount.

PLEASE NOTE: If you encounter issues registering multiple family members, please call or email the studio with their names so we can assist you with adding them.

Requires minimum of 4 participants.

Delivered By: Amy Harper - Children's Yoga Instructor



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